These four guys have been hanging around the farm so long that their skin just fell right off , so we decided to put them to work. They came up with a few songs . . . . . "Give my Remains to Broadway", "Dem Bones", "Miss Bone Rack", "Blown Up in a Mine", and also "Howells Farm Theme Song"


These fine feather fellows and gals have been residents of the farm for quite some time now. They like to spend their spare time singing songs and telling jokes for everyone. There favorite song if "This Old Hen". Be sure to check them out as they perform everyday at the farm .


Petey and Leroy keep trying but they still can't get that old truck a running. Check to see if they are still at it when you enter the farm.

Heading 4

*Please note live shows are not running during the 2021 season as per Covid regulations


Many years ago 2 Pumpkin Dinosaurs were found destroying our pumpkin crop. So we sent our chivalous Knight "Sir Howells Alot " to slay the beasts. He galloped towards them sword drawn and ready, but upon gazing in their eyes he realized that they were not dangerous. . . just different. Ever since Nessy and Rex have lived happily on the farm.

Come and enjoy a Rex show every hour on the half hour.

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Laugh out loud as you watch our little piggies race around a track.

Howells Famous Pig Races are on every hour on the hour, don't miss out on a show full of fun