Sunflowers at Howells

Sunflowers at Howells

(expected July 2021)

Welcome to The Sunflowers at Howells. After the success of our first Sunflower Experience we can’t wait to do it again. Over 100,000 blooms can be seen throughout our sunflower field providing the perfect photo op.

After exploring the sunflowers come and visit our Beer & Wine Garden for a drink and food.


*Tickets for entry will be sold in 15 minute intervals in order to space everyone out so you can enter the farm in a socially distanced fashion.  Once you are in the field there is 86,000 square feet of space to spread out and enjoy the flowers at your leisure.  Please wear a mask when you cannot maintain a 6ft separation.

Photographers Permits

Sunflower Photographer permits can be expected to be available begining July 2021

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